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January 31, 2007

Organizational Change

At work this year I've had the pleasure of rebuilding our development process. This has essentially been an organizational change program. I've learned a ton but a recent HBR article pointed out why org changes fail and I've found that this helped me refocus on completing the change.

Error 1: Not Establishing a Great Enough Sense of Urgency
Error 2: Not Creating a Powerful enough Guiding Coalition
Error 3: Lacking a Vision
Error 4: Undercommunicating the Vision by a Factor of Ten
Error 5: Not Removing Obstacles to the New Vision
Error 6: Not Systematically Planning for, and Creating, Short-Term Wins
Error 7: Declaring Victory Too Soon
Error 8: Not Anchoring Changes in the Corporation's Culture

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January 28, 2007

Drucker, Drucker, Drucker

I love Drucker, I think the best thing you can do is go back to the original source and this guy is it. The first book on this list is for executives. The second two books are collections of his writings. If you are a new manager you could do a lot worse than reading these three books.

1) The Effective Executive

2) The Essential Drucker

3) Classic Drucker

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Statistics, chance and rationality

I recently finished a couple books that made me think about probabilistic reasoning. They are:

Fortunes Formula and Fooled by Randomness

The second one has a really irreverant style that appeals to me. The first focuses on optimal betting strategies. Both were recommended by a hedge fund manager.

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