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December 08, 2006

How to run a large software development organization

Recently I've been thinking a lot about how to run a large software development organization. Here's what I have put together so far. I think these areas are important to focus on:

People: It all starts there, everyone says it, but you have to live this, get the right people in, set them up for success and get out of their way.

Quality: I've always experienced that asking people for the highest quality product is essential to delivering good software. There is plenty of pressure for fast, for breadth, for cheap. Holding a high standard for quality helps keep people focused on building the right thing and not the easy thing. One of the ways I drive quality is by focusing on automated testing and continuous builds.

Metrics & Methods: The right lightweight process plus the right metrics for an organization drive behavior. I like scrum/XP + bug metrics, I'm still looking for the right value metrics.

Architecture: You need to make sure that the codebase has the right architecture. So much is tied up here that it is hard to do justice to the idea. I usually make sure that the right technical oversight is in place and the people involved are empowered to enforce the correct technical architecture.

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What makes an effective executive?

I'm reading another Drucker book. I love Drucker. He's a great writer and deep thinker about people. Here is his advice for being an effective executive:

Ask what needs to be done?
Ask what is right for the organization?
Develop an action plan.
Take responsibility for decisions.
Take responsibility for communicating.
Focus on opportunities not on problems.
Run productive meetings.
Think and say we not I.

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December 06, 2006

XProc: An XML Pipeline Language

I just heard that Norm Walsh is using StAX in his trial implementation of XProc http://xproc.org/ .

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December 01, 2006

A new StAX implementation for JSON

Peter Morelli just pointed this out to me.

Jettison is a collection of StAX
parsers and writers which read and write JSON. This allows nearly transparent enablement of JSON based web services in services frameworks like CXF.

There are currently two included conventions for mapping JSON to XML. The first, is BadgerFish which implements
the full XML infoset in JSON using various techniques. The second, is called the "mapped" convention. It allows you to manually map XML namespaces to JSON element prefixes.

Jettison was developed for usage in XFire and CXF to enable JSON based services.

Posted by Chris at 12:12 PM