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November 14, 2005

This is a note to remember to look at these mashups

A mix of mash-ups

Sample sites

www.analygis.com (census data + maps)

www.aytozon.com (Amazon.com + eBay)

www.celebrity-maps.com (celebrity homes + maps)

www.cellreception.com (cell phone towers + maps)

www.fboweb.com (flight location + maps)

www.homepricerecords.com (home sales prices + maps)

www.housingmaps.com (maps + housing listings)

www.simplyhired.com (job listings + social networking + salary info + maps)

www.trachtenberg.com/emgm (eBay motors + maps)

www.weatherbonk.com (weather + Web cams + maps)

Sites with lists of mapping mash-ups



Posted by Chris at November 14, 2005 04:50 PM