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November 14, 2005

This is a note to remember to look at these mashups

A mix of mash-ups

Sample sites

www.analygis.com (census data + maps)

www.aytozon.com (Amazon.com + eBay)

www.celebrity-maps.com (celebrity homes + maps)

www.cellreception.com (cell phone towers + maps)

www.fboweb.com (flight location + maps)

www.homepricerecords.com (home sales prices + maps)

www.housingmaps.com (maps + housing listings)

www.simplyhired.com (job listings + social networking + salary info + maps)

www.trachtenberg.com/emgm (eBay motors + maps)

www.weatherbonk.com (weather + Web cams + maps)

Sites with lists of mapping mash-ups



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November 08, 2005

Get rid of internet scams with PeskyFish

Tired of phishing scams clogging up your inbox?

Peskyfish gives you an easy way to fight back:

1. We fill out a phishing form with fake names and numbers
2. You send the form to the scammer
3. Their database fills up with bogus data!

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November 02, 2005

The perfect day at lindomar

This was the surf report for this last Sunday.


Good morning, this is Paul with the report for Sunday morning at 7:15 AM.

SURF: 4-5 ft. - shoulder to head high and fair conditions.

AM UPDATE: It's glassy and a bit walled but there are workable sections on the inside.

My friend Reed and I had the perfect day surfing. We got to the beach a little early since it was daylight savings time. It was one of those days surfing that reminds you why you have the addiction. You pull into lindomar and it's bumper to bumper traffic. You look out and the waves are full of surfers. 9 out of 10 times when you hit the beach at lindomar it's gray, rainy, blown out and the waves are closing out. But this Sunday it was 2-4 feet little lefts that Reed and I were eating up. The other Surfers in the water were cheerful and talking about all the cool places to go Surfing. Reed and I still need to schedule our Costa Rica trip. I got waves until my arms felt like jello. We kept going in for our last wave, but going out one more.

What an awesome day.

Posted by Chris at 11:08 PM