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September 29, 2005

The office

The office is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I watched the full DVD set of the english version a while back and now NBC is in its second season of a copy show starring Steve Carell of 40-year old virgin fame. The show is funny, but mostly it gives you that painful feeling of embarrassing yourself in front of a group of people every 30 seconds or so. Watching the boss character's socially awkward behavior just makes your stomach turn. This is why even though I love the show I think it won't appeal to the average person and will probably get cancelled.

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September 27, 2005


Interesting article on the founder of livejournal. Livejournal is another site that grew by word of mouth into a real site driving real traffic.

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Net advertising on the rise

Internet advertising is on the rise, read more here:

"Internet advertising revenue, as a share of the approximately $256 billion spent on ads annually in the United States, is still a minor percentage of the whole. But Internet advertising is growing dramatically.

Revenue from online ads for the first six months of the year was approximately $5.8 billion, a new record and a 26 percent increase over the same period in 2004, according to a report issued Monday by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association with about 200 members selling Internet advertising."

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September 26, 2005

Software as a service by Dean

Dean talks about software as a service.

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AdamB on Salesforce

See his dreamforce presentation here.

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It's official, I work for a long tail company.

Just a few weeks ago Chris Anderson (the orginator of the long tail analysis of web companies) spoke at Salesforce.com's user conference. He extended long tail framework was extended to the software business with the basic idea being that an online application framework can allow software companies to make money in the niche application market. His analysis is here.

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September 20, 2005

Housing bubble?

The chronicle had a little summary of why there might not be a housing bubble in the bay area. The article is here.
I liked it because it goes contrary to everyone who is claiming that the bay area is a bubble waiting to burst.

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September 14, 2005

Bye Bye Technorati?

Google just launched a blog search service.

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September 13, 2005


I just got out of my second day of DreamForce where my new leader Mark Benioff just got done presenting the App Exchange and I saw a presentation on the long tail of software by Chris Anderson and saw Adam Bosworth talk about intelligent evolution of software.

I was just struck by how much customers love the Salesforce App and am really motivated to build out the e-bay of online applications. Looks like a couple fun years are ahead at Salesforce. The basic idea is to create small applications that target the long tail of users. The quote from the talk, paraphrased here, was to go from a few applications serving millions of people to a million applications each serving a few people.

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September 09, 2005

The structure of collaborative tagging systems

Here is a nice article on tagging. Read and enjoy.

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September 01, 2005

RSS Overview

Mark just published a nice overview of RSS and Atom, useful for anyone that's interested in thes syndication technologies.

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