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November 01, 2004

Surf Report for Sunday 10/31


Went to pacifica. Caught a couple nice waves. Took my longboard and my shortboard. My center fin was broken on my shortboard (don't know when that happened). Surfed with Reed, caught about 10 waves. Mostly close outs, caught a couple nice lefts, had to bail before the wave really sectioned our get buried. I backed out of about 2 5ft waves that would have sent me straight to the bottom of the ocean. Swell has definitely picked up.


4-7 ft. - shoulder high to 2 ft. overhead and poor-fair conditions.

AM UPDATE: Mostly clean, sectiony walls with a few inside reforms to work with. The tide push should help shape.


Pacifica near Ocean Beach
37.6139� N, 122.4858� W

2004-10-31 1:31 AM PST 4.57 feet High Tide
2004-10-31 5:56 AM PST 3.41 feet Low Tide
2004-10-31 6:34 AM PST Sunrise
2004-10-31 11:45 AM PST 5.85 feet High Tide
2004-10-31 5:11 PM PST Sunset
2004-10-31 6:48 PM PST 0.02 feet Low Tide

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