Just finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Just finished a series of books on Winston Churchill
WSJ awards a technology innovation prize
Books from this summer
Salesforce mobile for the iphone
Just finished "The cities of the plain" by C. McCarthy
The last remodel mile
a major provider of cloud computer infrastructure
Agile management talk
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Steve put our talk up
Just finished "Blood Meridian"
Ipod Cake
Just finished 'Then we came to the end'
Finishing touches
Remodel Update
36 hours in Berkeley
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Just finished "Predictably Irrational"
Year of Living Dangerously Abstract
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My Starbucks Idea
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Fortunate Son
First, break all the rules
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Special topics in Calamity Physics
The year of living dangerously
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Tour de Force
The Golden Compass
Bill Bryson
Adam B and George K launch Keas
The Road
French drain, basement floor, kitchen patched up
New cake for christmas
Will in the World
Insulation in the Kitchen, Foundation is poured
Platform interview with Peter Coffee
Kitchen floor is done
More cakes
The straight line to the solution
Butterfly cake
There goes the foundation
The Echo Maker
House remodel
Into the wild
Just finished "The Blind Side"
The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox
What is the What?
Eliza in Apex Code
Games from the days of 1200 baud modems
Internet runtime environments
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Everything hurts
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I love Manresa State Park
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The Black Swan
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Radical Transformation
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Why now is a great time to work at Salesforce.
In search of excellence
Organizational Change
Drucker, Drucker, Drucker
Statistics, chance and rationality
How to run a large software development organization
What makes an effective executive?
XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
A new StAX implementation for JSON
The God Delusion
Zero Tolerance Manifesto
10 Habits of a Successful Coder
The Why of Scrum
Top Eleven Business / Software Books
An ode to tests
Contract driven communication
ruby force...
Salesforce API traffic due to lack of joins?
Stax is part of JEE 5.0
Why over 40% of’s traffic is Web Services
Purple Haze
Sam moves on
summer exercise program
Orhan Pamuk writes beautiful books
Love is realizing you aren't alone in the universe
Give people what they need, not what they ask for
The next generation of marketing
Google adds personal pages
WoW work references are getting scary
Good writing
Interesting web 2.0 presentation
Data Loading through Salesforce
If you like football and innovators
Economics of Synthetic Worlds
Peopleware & teams
Non-linear managers
Delicious is now part of yahoo....
This is a note to remember to look at these mashups
Get rid of internet scams with PeskyFish
The perfect day at lindomar
Kong is King
Interviewing for a Programming Job
Google entering the DB business?
DataPower acquired by IBM
Feedweaver post
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An awesome book
tags and more tags
Keep track of web 2.0 technology
The office
Net advertising on the rise
Software as a service by Dean
AdamB on Salesforce
It's official, I work for a long tail company.
Housing bubble?
Bye Bye Technorati?
The structure of collaborative tagging systems
RSS Overview
The other half of Hackers and Painters
Reading Hackers & Painters
Four interesting companies
Information wants to be free
Graham Glass at it again
Desktop widgets
Best wishes to pcal
RSS Venture Fund
Hosted versus shipping software
Moving on
RSS, tagging and attention
A replacement for WSDL?
Annotation/Tag driven knowledge organization
A Framework for Versioning XML at the Java API/XML Processor Level
Two great waves at lindomar
Surf Report for Sunday 10/31
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Put your cosmos in your blog
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Business books I have loved
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What went wrong with WebServices?
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XML is a bad transport for XML
Welcome to the blogosphere....