November 01, 2008

Just finished The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao won the pullitzer prize this year. I highly recommend it. It doesn't fit a traditional fiction genre and is especially poignant if you grew up a geek.

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Just finished a series of books on Winston Churchill

I just finished 3 books on Winston Churchill. They were amazing, I highly recommend the whole series especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.

The Last Lion: Visions of Glory

The Last Lion: Alone

It's hard to believe you can read over 1,000 pages and only get to the start of when he becomes PM. To finish off his whole career you can read Churchill: A life

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

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WSJ awards a technology innovation prize

Here's what the WSJ says about

COMPUTING SYSTEMS Inc. of San Francisco was the top pick in this category. The company made its name selling software as a service -- applications that are used online instead of being installed in a corporate data center. Its winning entry takes this concept and applies it to a suite of tools that a company can use to build its own customized business applications that are developed and delivered over the Internet.

The suite, called, provides the building blocks for payroll, accounts-receivables and expense-reporting systems and other common applications, and it requires minimal programming skills. Introduced in 2007, has about 47,000 users.

Other companies are developing similar "cloud computing" services, in which companies access computing power as needed, the way they buy electricity, without the need to run their own servers and software. Along with Inc. and Google Inc., "Salesforce is one of the leaders in this trend," says Asheem Chandna, a partner at venture-capital firm Greylock Partners and one of the Innovation Awards judges. "It's certainly a key direction where computing is heading."

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